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Uber Drivers Canberra


Uber Drivers Canberra

With the green light handed to Uber in Canberra late last year, Uber drivers can now plan their future and operate with certainty.

Lennock Fleet offers a range of new vehicles from as little as *$65 per week. We offer new Nissan, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Skoda, Honda and Hyundai vehicles.

Anecdotal evidence suggests many drivers earn over $1,000 per week. It would make sense to operate a full-time Uber service with a fresh, new car as it will ensure reliability, less operating costs and cheaper insurance costs. Customers will also appreciate the freshness of the vehicle and thus help with their rating of the service.

If you’re an Uber driver or planning to become one contact Peter Phillips at Lennock Fleet to discuss your new vehicle options..

Posted by Peter Phillips  Posted on 08 Feb 
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