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Nissan LEAF 100% Electric – Zero Emissions

Lennock Nissan and Lennock Fleet in Canberra have 5 new Nissan LEAFs remaining. The 100% Electric, Zero Emissions LEAF is available for immediate delivery. These are the last remaining Nissan Australia stock. Stock numbers are 28077, 28079, 28080, 28082, and 28083. All vehicles are Eclipse Black in colour. Registration and delivery available Australia-wide. For business buyers any branding
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Beyond Bank shines with new Nissan Qashqai

Lennock Fleet in Canberra has recently negotiated with Beyond Bank to supply Nissan Qashqai’s for their mobile bank staff Australia-wide. This was made possible with Beyond Bank’s Dan Vittorio and Lennock’s Peter Phillips over several weeks of negotiation and planning.  Custom Fleet and Lennock Fleet’s branding partners, Liberty Signs, assisted in making this happen with the first delivery
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Uber Drivers Canberra

With the green light handed to Uber in Canberra late last year, Uber drivers can now plan their future and operate with certainty. Lennock Fleet offers a range of new vehicles from as little as *$65 per week. We offer new Nissan, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Skoda, Honda and Hyundai vehicles. Anecdotal evidence suggests many drivers
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6 Vehicle brands to choose

We have six vehicle brands to choose from. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle fleet requirements. We can also assist personal buyers seeking to gain great deals on their next new car. Simply ask your organisation for Lennock’s staff benefits program or contact us direct for more details on this great initiative. Only at Lennock..
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Group Discount Scheme

If you’re in Canberra or surrounding NSW regions, you now have the opportunity to gain fleet-like discounts like the corporates and government. Personal buyers can now gain great discounts when they choose to buy together with colleagues, friends and family. And with Lennock Motors you have the ability to choose from a new Nissan, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Land
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New Polo GTI on sale Wednesday

The new Volkswagen Polo GTI arrives and will be available from this week. Contact Peter Phillips to discuss your fleet requirements. LennockFleet.com.au.
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All-New Nissan Navara NP300

UPDATE: The all-new Navara is in our showroom now until Thursday, 16th April. For a pre-release viewing please contact Peter Phillips on 1300 892 927. The all-new Nissan Navara NP300 will arrive in our showroom in the middle of April 2015. The new Navara has Tough exterior styling Premium ride & comfort Available with responsive
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    Welcome to our new website. Lennock Fleet will post updates and industry news relating to automotive fleet and other news items. Please visit regularly and participate. Again, welcome to our new website. Peter.
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